Who is

Koen van Oeveren

Hi! My name is Koen van Oeveren and I’m a UI & UX Designer who lives in Tilburg, the Netherlands. I just graduated from Avans University of Applied Sciences! Where I did the Communication and Multimedia Design study. I’m interested in everything to do with digital design. With my portfolio, I would like to show you projects I’m proud of and show my diversity of creativity, with User Interface & Experience design appealing to me the most. And besides that, I am currently experimenting with interface animations.


During my road to become a digital designer, I followed these studies in Eindhoven and 's-Hertogenbosch.

Comm. & Multimedia Design

2016 / 2020

Interaction Design

2012 / 2016

Secondary education

2008 / 2012


And to learn and own the real skills of a designer I obtained these experiences at companies I'm really thankful for.

Freelance UI & UX Designer

Feb. 2021 / Present

Freelance Visual Designer

Jan. 2020 / Present

Freelance UI Animation

Feb. 2020 / May. 2020

Design Internship

Jan. 2020 / June. 2020


Since January 2020

UI & UX Designer

Feb. 2019 / Aug. 2019

Design Internship

Aug. 2018 / Jan. 2019

Front-End Internship

Feb. 2016 / Jul. 2016

Design Internship

Feb. 2015 / Jul. 2015